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Mon Mar 12 10:22:12 CET 2012

Hi Sven,

Am 12.03.2012 um 10:12 schrieb Sven Dyroff:

> >>> I have made and posted a new video showing some experiments
> >>> to make a full OpenPhoenux from a SlyParts 3D printed case, a GTA04
> >>> board and QtMoko v40.
> >>> 
> >>> Enjoy and spread the link:
> >>> 
> >>>        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybT9kdhmurM
> Hello, 
> the end of the video seems strange to me. I had no problems with playing "15 Pieces" or "Mastermind", after having found out that these games only react on short tips, but never on sliding movements. So I suggest to cut this sequence out of the video and to replace it with a demo of really playing the games. The joke with the empty battery is great, but seeing the non-reacting touch even in two games is very annoying. 
> Especially with regard to the currently still only 41% filling level of the Group-Tour, what is about 140 orders. I think this video should be the main promotional item to raise the filling level up. But if you take a look on the amount of clicks this video will currently be reported by YouTube to have - about 350 - and remember that this mailing list has about 270 subscribers, then it's clear that this link must be spread into other mailing lists. For example one single mail with a short report about the progress of the GTA04-project together with this link should be possible to be put onto the FOSDEM mailing list without being seen as spam. But then the video should really be able to convince people who didn't see all the great efforts that already have been taken to achive the current state. 

this is neither "the video" nor intended to convince new group tour members. If it does, it will be fine.

It is intended to show us honestly the current status of a 3D printed case and some QtMoko version.
Which is already not the latest one.

If we were to make a promotional video, everything should have worked fine and perfectly
(hardware, booting, software). And don't forget that making a perfectly convincing video costs
a lot of time and money. So still enough room for improvement :)

Making more videos (with different focus) is also very welcome.


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