[Gta04-owner] Antwort: Re: OpenPhoneux video

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Mon Mar 12 10:42:12 CET 2012

Hello Nikolaus,

> If we were to make a promotional video, everything should have worked 
fine and perfectly
> (hardware, booting, software). And don't forget that making a perfectly 
convincing video costs
> a lot of time and money. So still enough room for improvement :)
> Making more videos (with different focus) is also very welcome.

1.) I don't think that a promotional video of a community-made device 
should try to imitate commercial promotional videos. The making of the 
video should match the making of the product and in this case this means, 
it's absolutely correct that it's a wiggly hand-made video and not an 
expensive professional one.

2.) I strongly suggest not to remove the joke with the empty battery. 
Please think about the most effective marketing gag that ever existed if 
the history of promotional videos: Bill Gates watching the blue screen of 
his crashed Win98 in front of all cameras of the world's press.

-> a) No customer that already had Windows said: "Oh, what a shit! I'll 
never buy this!". No, they said: "Oh great, the new Windows version is 
available! Let's buy it and try it out! Next upgrade that will fix the 
bugs will surely come soon!".

-> b) What is the most expensive place in German television where you can 
put promotional videos to? It's the 10 seconds before the 20 o'clock main 
news, the "Tagesschau". But with this gag Bill Gates got about one minute 
*within* the Tagesschau and he paid *nothing* for this video except having 
to smile a little at the right moment. In other countries it had been the 

So please think about throwing money out of the window for a professional 


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