[Community] Goldelico Replicant initialisation

Adrien Dorsaz adrien at adorsaz.ch
Tue Nov 4 17:27:40 CET 2014


I've some time now to try to build Replicant and to make tests (I'm 
trying to build the Goldelico version).

It seems that I have successfully downloaded all sources, but I'm not 
able to begin the build process. Indeed when I run 'lunch 
replicant_gta04-eng' it says me :

> vendor/replicant/config/common_full.mk:5: 
> frameworks/base/data/sounds/NewAudio.mk: No file or folder of this 
> type
> vendor/replicant/config/common_full.mk:8: 
> frameworks/base/data/sounds/AudioPackageNewWave.mk: No file or folder 
> of this type
> build/core/product_config.mk:239: *** 
> _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/goldelico/gta04/cm.mk]]: 
> "frameworks/base/data/videos/VideoPackage2.mk" does not exist. Halt.
> ** Don't have a product spec for: 'replicant_gta04'
> ** Do you have the right repo manifest?

I don't understand, because I've downloaded the proposed manifest of 
Goldelico website and I've installed it in the .repo/local_manifest 

Do you have some hint to solve this issue ?

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