[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] PowerVR DDK 1.17

Ivaylo Dimitrov ivo.g.dimitrov.75 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 18:24:17 CEST 2021


long time no see, but it was time well spent, IMO:


What you can find here is mesa that has pvr dri driver that *exactly* 
matches the one that comes with DDK 1.17 blobs. It is based on your 
work, that in turn is based on chromeos mesa.

What I did was to RE the blob (don't tell anyone, but it comes with 
DWARF debug info :) ), so I was able to exactly match the various functions.

So far there are no known bugs.

And the most important thing - it has xorg support. On n900, with Xorg 
running, glmark-es2 --fullscreen hits score of 25 (on slightly fixed 
glamor or on glamor replacement I wrote, which I am still not decided if 
it makes sense to share the code of). glmark-es2-drm hits 37 on 
n900(vsync limited).

I (think that) I also fixed the segfault when WL was trying to use 
dma_buf_with_modifiers stuff.

Unfortunately, even on motorola droid4 (sgx540-120) modesetting is very 
slow on rotated display (it does SW rotation), so we still don't have 
performant xorg driver for SGX, but I am on it and hopefully we will 
have something soon or later. Help appreciated :)


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