[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] [PATCH] Update pvrsgx 1.14.3759903 to latest kernel

Lucas Fryzek lucas.fryzek at hazeco.xyz
Mon Nov 22 02:09:37 CET 2021

> Hi Lucas,
>>  Am 16.11.2021 um 01:26 schrieb Lucas Fryzek 
>> <lucas.fryzek at hazeco.xyz>:
>>>  That is excellent news!
>>>  Yes, making kernel and userland build options match is not very 
>>> difficult. But we have to take care that the changes are only for 
>>> jz4780.
>>>  BTW:  I'll plan to update the letux kernel tree to 5.16-rc1 this 
>>> week and also rebase and push all the pvrsgx branches to our git 
>>> tree.
>>>  Then I can take a look at the build options to match user-space.
>>>  BR,
>>>  Nikolaus
>>  Hello Nikolaus, I was able to get the kernel mode driver and 
>> userland build options to match fairly easily, I just had to add the 
>> following build flags to the makefile:
> is there progress on getting anything in user-space running?
> In the meantime I have fixed some minor issues in my 5.16-rc1 driver 
> code. I have pushed it to
> https://git.goldelico.com/?p=letux-kernel.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/work-demo-pvrsgx-jz4780-1.14.3759903
> So if you have additional fixes (e.g. the dma issue) on top that 
> should go to 5.16-rc2, please let me know for integration.
> BR and thanks,
> Nikolaus

Hello Nikolaus,

I haven't had a lot of time in the last couple of days to test the 
userspace libraries. I did manage to try kmscube but I don't believe 
the userland on the older version has support for GBM and that was 
preventing it from working. I also tried running some of X11 example 
application that are provided in the userland and had little luck 
there. I was going to try building that Mesa fork  from Ivaylo's 
suggestion but haven't had a chance to test that yet.

I suspect the problem with the userland libraries has to do with device 
class issue, so if Ivaylo's suggestion doesn't work I am going to 
invest my effort in trying to get the device class code working.


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