[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] [PATCH] Update pvrsgx 1.14.3759903 to latest kernel

Lucas Fryzek lucas.fryzek at hazeco.xyz
Tue Nov 16 01:26:11 CET 2021

> That is excellent news!
> Yes, making kernel and userland build options match is not very 
> difficult. But we have to take care that the changes are only for 
> jz4780.
> BTW:  I'll plan to update the letux kernel tree to 5.16-rc1 this week 
> and also rebase and push all the pvrsgx branches to our git tree.
> Then I can take a look at the build options to match user-space.
> BR,
> Nikolaus

Hello Nikolaus, I was able to get the kernel mode driver and userland 
build options to match fairly easily, I just had to add the following 
build flags to the makefile:

ccflags-y += -DSGX_FAST_DPM_INIT

I suspect we would like this wrapped around in an if statement if 
building for the jz4780, correct?

Second I tested the pvrsrvctl application using the command `pvrsrvctl 
--start --no-module` and it seems to start with no error but the other 
pvr test applications fail with `PVRSRV_ERROR_NO_DC_DEVICES_FOUND`, I 
attached a full log of the `pvr_blit_test` application that shows the 
error. I'm not the familiar with the PVR userland, but do you suspect 
this is a userland issue where the display hasn't been properly 
attached to the pvr GPU, or is this a KMOD issue where the drm 
integration for the driver needs to be updated to work properly? If it 
is a KMOD issue, do you know if the people working on omap hardware had 
the same problem, and there is existing code that I can use as a 

root at letux:/usr/local/bin# sgx_blit_test
------------------ SGX 3D Blit test -----------------
----------------------- Start -----------------------
Call PVRSRVConnect with a valid argument:
Get number of devices from PVRSRVEnumerateDevices:
.... Reported 1 devices
.... Device Number  | Device Type
            0000    | PVRSRV_DEVICE_ID_SGX
Attempt to acquire device 0:
Getting SGX Client info
.... ui32ProcessID:1337
Display Class API: enumerate devices
PVRSRVEnumerateDeviceClass() returns 0 display device(s)
root at letux:/usr/local/bin#

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