[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] error while compiling kernel for Atom N2600

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Oct 6 08:17:32 CEST 2020

Hi Alif,

> Am 06.10.2020 um 07:51 schrieb Alif Ilhan <alifilhan0 at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I am trying to compile the kernel with SGX545 for Intel Atom CPU, but not able to do so. I am getting this error output. Can you figure out what's wrong?
> The error:
> alif at alif-Latitude-E5470:/media/alif/New-Volume/Android-Development/linux_openpvrsgx$ make ARCH=i386 "KCFLAGS=-m32 -march=atom -mtune=atom -msse3 -mfpmath=sse" -j4
>   HOSTCC  scripts/kconfig/conf.o
>   HOSTLD  scripts/kconfig/conf
> scripts/kconfig/conf  --syncconfig Kconfig
> *** Error during sync of the configuration.
> make[2]: *** [scripts/kconfig/Makefile:75: syncconfig] Error 1
> make[1]: *** [Makefile:567: syncconfig] Error 2
> make: *** [Makefile:677: include/config/auto.conf.cmd] Error 2
> make: *** Deleting file 'include/config/auto.conf.cmd'

I haven't seen this error but


seems to indicate a file owner/permissions problem.

So please check that the whole tree (incl. local files - maybe include/config/auto.conf.cmd) is owned by you and has proper write permissions of the directory.

Then I am really curious what the next error message will be...
We have not yet had somebody who owns an SGX545 so there may be bugs in our Makefiles or code.

BR and thanks,


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