[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] [PATCH] pvrsgx/1.14: get_user_pages_remote no longer takes task_struct

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Wed Nov 11 05:45:45 CET 2020


* David Shah <dave at ds0.me> [200818 18:26]:
> This isn't actually running yet, I get the following error:
> [   12.663492] PVR_K: UM DDK-(3699939) and KM DDK-(3699939) match. [ OK ]
> [   13.846168] PVR_K:(Error): PollForValueKM: Timeout. Expected 0x1 but found 0x0 (mask 0x1).
> [   13.880820] PVR_K:(Error): SGXInitialise: Wait for uKernel initialisation failed
> followed by a PVR register dump.

I'm seeing the above too running pvrsrvinit with ddk-1.17. Looks like we
have some regression for ddk-1.14 and ddk-1.17 somewhere, or something got
changed in Linux that caused it.

I've confirmed that letux-pvrsrvkm-5.7-rc1 still works for pvrsrvinit with
no errors, while running pvrsrvinit starting with letux-pvrsrvkm-5.8-rc1
causes the the error above.

There are hardly any changes to drivers/gput/pvrsgx between those versions,
does anybody have ideas what might have broken?



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