[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] trying to get SGX 1.14 running on DM3730 (SGX530)

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Nov 23 22:23:06 CET 2019

Hi Adam,

> Am 23.11.2019 um 21:26 schrieb Adam Ford <aford173 at gmail.com>:
> Thanks!
> I was digging through buildroot which is what I use for generating my
> toolchain and my rootfs.  In there, they link to some ti SGX demos,
> and I came across this repo and patch.
> https://git.ti.com/cgit/graphics/img-pvr-sdk/tree/patch/0001-Adding-DRM-build-support-to-PVR-Demos.patch
> I was curious to see if you've seen it before and if it could somehow

not yet. It seems to be some user-space app making use of a working drm based setup
allowing to choose commands by keyboard.

Maybe it is related to the


Seems they differentiate between
* SDK - for apps
* DDK-UM - for libs
* DDK-KM - for kernel

> be associated to helping the PVR stuff play better with the drm.
> That repo also has few different demos in there, but I need to hack my
> dm3730 to get the basic GL tests working first, then I'll try to move
> on to more complicated demos.

Yes that all seems to be about the next higher layer.

Let me try to define layers (well we really should start to fill the project Wiki)

5. demos and applications
4. libsrv_um and others (reads /etc/powervr.ini and /proc/cmdline and others)
3. libdrm and others
2. ioctl + mmap on /dev/dri/card
1. pvrsrvkm + uKernel
0. sgx hardware inside SoC

With DDK1.17 Mesa3D plays some role that I do not yet understand...


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