[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] [PATCH] staging: pvr: Add a simplified pvr-drv.c as replacement for messy pvr_drm.c

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Nov 9 09:33:48 CET 2019

Hi Merlijn,

> Am 09.11.2019 um 09:11 schrieb Merlijn Wajer <merlijn at wizzup.org>:
> Hi, (CC parazyd for the deb pkg info)
> On 09/11/2019 09:07, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Hi Tony,
>>> Yeah we should be able to drop that too. And anything
>>> else related to a typical Linux driver.
>>> BTW, I still have had no luck with seeing the demos working..
>>> Trying with am335x or am437x (after patching it) I get
>>> these kind of errors when trying to run the demos after
>>> running pvrsrvctl --start --no-module:
>>> libEGL warning: DRI2: xcb_connect failed
>>> ...
>>> Any idea what I might be missing?
>> Well, there is something wrong with X11 (xcb) user space (I use Debian Stretch 9.9). I have to uninstall it.
>> According to my analyses the problem is libx11-xcb1 which becomes installed by either of
>> libegl1-mesa
>> libegl1-mesa-drivers
>> libwayland-egl1-mesa
>> and they also seem to depend on each other so that you can't easily uninstall one of them.
>> So it is a little difficult to get rid of this flu :)
> Something like this might help:
> https://github.com/maemo-leste/ti-omap3-sgx/blob/master/debian/control
> By specifying all the conflicts in this way, you will force the mesa
> packages to be uninstalled.

Cool idea!

> It took us a while to get this right for
> Devuan Ascii (Debian Stretch).

I can imagine... It also took me a while and help from the Pyra community to find out
and we did not yet have this "umprella" mailing list for PVR/SGX related discussions.

> I'm not sure how easily you can use this file directly, but just wanted
> to quickly indicate we've been through this and (I think) solved this
> problem. We could potentially host more of these packages in the Leste
> repo (some pvr component), if you'd like.

Hosting is not the problem... Knowledge is :)

I have taken a different approach with a generic package that has no contents but
only some postinst script that detects the hardware version it is running on
(even decides between OMAP and JZ4780) and pulls the user-space from the official
(or wayback) repos:


there is no debian/control source file since the package is built by a non-Debian packaging system:

This avoids any issues with hosting non-free blobs... (but has the issue that we may rely on the wayback engine).
Anyways, my hope is that it is a generic basis to become something official at some time (with a proper debian/control).

Adding Provides, Conflicts, Replaces control is a good idea to get it working
on a system where X11 is installed. At the moment I have to use special µSD cards
with no GUI...

BR and thanks for sharing this approach,

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