[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] [PATCH] staging: pvr: Add a simplified pvr-drv.c as replacement for messy pvr_drm.c

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Fri Nov 8 22:16:10 CET 2019

* H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> [191108 07:31]:
> Hi Tony,
> > Am 07.11.2019 um 17:55 schrieb Tony Lindgren <tony at atomide.com>:
> > 
> > 
> >>> So now we could remove the old files to avoid confusion:
> >>> 
> >>> drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/services4/srvkm/env/linux/pvr_drm.c
> >>> drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/services4/srvkm/env/linux/module.c
> removing them and removing services4/srvkm/env/linux/module.o from the Makefile seems to lead to build errors for a clean make:
>   Building modules, stage 2.
>   MODPOST 666 modules - due to target is PHONY
> WARNING: modpost: missing MODULE_LICENSE() in drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_omap3_sgx530_121.o

Oh OK thanks for checking. It might be worth waiting for
v2 of the $subject patch if you did not apply it yet.
I also noticed a new PM runtime warning that I need to
track down. And I missed adding the postclose call.

This probably is fixed by adding the standard
MODULE_LICENSE() to pvr-drv.c.

> ERROR: "PVRSRVOpen" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "gui32ReleasePID" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "PVRCore_Init" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "PVRSRVDriverShutdown" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "PVRSRVDriverResume" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "PVRCore_Cleanup" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "gPVRSRVLock" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "PVRSRVDriverSuspend" [drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939/eurasia_km/pvrsrvkm_dra7_sgx544_116.ko] undefined!

Hmm OK I'll take a look, those should be all already
added to pvr-drv.h.

> I haven't digged into the code what is missing.
> Maybe we need to export something? Or the Makefile does not properly handle
> $(TARGET) += \
> 	../../pvr-drv.o \
> for modules?
> BTW: another candidate for removal could be:
> drivers/staging/pvr/1.14.3699939//eurasia_km/services4/srvkm/env/linux/pvr_drm.h
> but it is used in more places:

Yeah we should be able to drop that too. And anything
else related to a typical Linux driver.

BTW, I still have had no luck with seeing the demos working..

Trying with am335x or am437x (after patching it) I get
these kind of errors when trying to run the demos after
running pvrsrvctl --start --no-module:

libEGL warning: DRI2: xcb_connect failed

Any idea what I might be missing?



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