[Openpvrsgx-devgroup] two pvr devices created for omap4

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Nov 1 09:58:13 CET 2019

Hi Tony,

> Am 01.11.2019 um 01:05 schrieb Tony Lindgren <tony at atomide.com>:
>>> Probably the only sane fix for this is to do some
>>> LD_PRELOAD wrapper for the old userspace that swaps
>>> the /dev/dri device path to point to the right instance.
>>> Maybe there's some other mainline kernel solution.
> ...
>> At least we will learn a lot about how this beast
>> works - until we can tame it.
> We may be able to have just a minimal quirk handling for
> pvr-omap4, let's see.

Ok, if that is possible, it is probably the right way to
go for now.

> Anyways, I'll rewrite the module
> init stuff for pvr_probe and pvr_remove and get rid of
> all the plugin ifdefs all over the place.

Ok! I had planned dot automate this by some scripts but
writing those and debugging may need more time than
manually deleting lines...

> And I'll add
> basic quirk handling depending on the dts compatible.


>> As you maybe see in the CC: I have tried to set up
>> a new mailing list for these discussions. I am not
>> exactly sure if it already works (mailman and postfix
>> with virtual host addresses isn't that easy to
>> manage - especially on a system that is running some
>> years now without many modifications).
> OK great, let's hope it works.

It seems to work now.

Address is: Openpvrsgx-devgroup at letux.org

> Do you already have
> some list archive available if it's an existing
> server?

Well, it does not archive older mails. Just the first one
and following (this here):


I'll do a mass subscribe invitation to all those we had
for the "Lay common foundation" thread.


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