[OHSW.org] OHSW 2016 was a great success!

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mo Dez 12 16:09:49 CET 2016

as you might know we have had the 8th Open Hard & Software Workshop
in a row last weekend. As in the previous years we were in rooms of the
faculty of Mathematics and Information Science of the Technical
University of Munich (thanks!).

Well, if you look at some photos, you may get the impression that
it wasn't a technical university but a hospital [3]. You may have always
known that mathematics and information science is something that needs
to be cured and GTA04 and other devices need to be treated :)

The solution of the puzzle is that there were movie makers who
did rent the floors to capture their scenes and they posted fake
banners and room numbers etc. to make it look like a hospital.
We did even see them taking a scene on a balcony (director crying
"action", "cut")... Sunday morning all was back to the original
setting as we did know it from last year.

Independently of that amusing environment, we were treated very well
by some donator who helped to fund the pizza service, dinner to
avoid that we were starving.

In total we had 10 participants on Saturday and 7 on Sunday [1].

The topics were proposed by the participants and we then formed
and worked in groups.

The main topics were [2]:

* renovate the tinerkphones.org web page
* try to get Replicant 6 compiled and working on GTA04
* discuss software rendering for Replicant 6
* try to build F-Droid from sources
* try to get U-Boot 2016.11 compiled and working on GTA04
* develop a hardware concept for a bicycle tracker
* work on Letux Kernel for GTA04
* develop a Debian installer concept for the GTA04
* find methods to skip U-Boot and launch the kernel directly

Most topics have been worked on and did lead to patches in the
git repositories and wiki pages. The most amazing achievement is
that we got Replicant 6.0 boot on the GTA04 and demonstrate
that it is operable [4]! Await more specific announcements soon.

All other topics (except Kernel patches for GTA04, which could easily
fill a full week) did show a lot of progress.

Not to forget: it was also a lot of fun learning new things from
each other and wrestling with nasty bugs :)

So in summary such a 2 day hacking weekend with such a powerful
team working face to face is worth being organized! Therefore we
agreed to plan repeating such an event in ca. 6 months (i.e. before
the summer break). Please consider to participate next time (your
own topics are very welcome and might find a group).

Finally, let me say thanks to all participants and supporters who
were not able to participate this time and all those who helped to
make it possible!


[1]: welcome presentation: http://download.goldelico.com/default/Presentations/20161210%20OHSW/1%20OHSW%20Welcome.pdf
[2]: Etherpad copy with topics and results: http://download.goldelico.com/default/Presentations/20161210%20OHSW/Etherpad.html
[3]: "Hospital" scenes: http://download.goldelico.com/default/Presentations/20161210%20OHSW/DSC00605s.jpg
[4]: Replicant 6 running on GTA04:

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