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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Do Dez 8 01:20:58 CET 2016

Excerpts from Josua Mayer's message of December 7, 2016 10:00 pm:
> Hi everybody,
> Since I finally decided to intend, here is what I suggest to work on:
> Figure out how to build the debian installer, and how to deploy it on an
> sdcard/emmc/nfs.
> Here is an entry point to the wiki for it:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Contrib
> This topic would consist of:
> 1. get a copy of the source and understand how it is built and adapted
> to a new device
> 2. find out if the debian default kernel boots, or why it doesn't
> (earlyprintk?)
> 3. either patch debian kernel so that it works, or build own kernel
> (involves creating udebs)
> 4. figure out if the pieces are small enough to submit to upstream
> Preparation:
> 1. get a copy of debian sid (chroot should suffice)
> 2. get a device to work on: I don't think it must be gta04, could also
> be any other board that doesn't yet work or is broken with
> debian-installer, such as i.mx6.


I expect to be online, in case you have questions - or perhaps
suggestions even for the things you didn't think to ask about: Please do
share what you are tinkering with, while doing it, to give me a change
to help not reinventing too many wheels (e.g. don't spend the whole
weekend establishing a good mirror, as _that_ challenge have been
solved many times, and my current recommendation is to *not* mirror
ahead but use apt-cacher-ng to cache only what is needed for minimal

I usually hang out on OFTC.net at #debian-in - tell me if you prefer to
chat elsewhere, or if I don't respond then feel free to drop me an sms
to get my attention: +45 40843136.

 - Jonas
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