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Jailinux chris21.roux at jailinux.org
Mo Sep 28 20:49:54 CEST 2015

Hello Lukas,
I come from Paris.
I have a car and I can take 3 passengers for reducing costs.
If I cannot fond 3 passengers I am looking for the cheapest way for travelling.
I am also looking for a place for sleeping.
I am interested in OHSW because I am a disabled person.
I believe OHSW is the only solution to produce devices that can adapt to a disabled person specific problems.
I want to develop contacts with german independent disabled workers.
I speak French, English and Spanish.
I develop software for Linux since 1999 with Java.
I am looking for partners from Germany in order to cooperate on a Linux custumization based on Linux Debian.
I also organise software and hardware tests with disabled persons in order to evaluate accessibility.
I would like to present a Label based on Gplv2 licence aiming to serve free software and hardware for accessibility and disabled people but not on a public show because this Label needs to be verified and improved on a legal and pragmatical basis.
Christophe Roux

> Le 28 sept. 2015 à 18:48, Lukas Maerdian <luk at slyon.de> a écrit :
> Hi everybody!
> As the OpenPhoenux Hard- and Software Workshop (OHSW) has almost always
> happend to take place at the 1st or 2nd of advent, we decided to fix the
> date for this year's OHSW15, without using a Doodle.
> So, I'd like to invite all of you to visit and participate in the 7th
> international OpenPhoenux Hard- and Software Workshop in Munich!
> After booking the rooms at our usual location, the time is now fixed.
> OHSW 2015 is going to take place at:
>    OHSW 2015 – http://www.ohsw.de
>    ------------------------------------------
>    28. & 29. Nov. 2015
>    9:30 - 18:00
>    Technische Universität München, Informatik
>    Boltzmannstraße 3,
>    85748 Garching b. München
> If you are planning to attend the OHSW15, please register yourself,
> using the following Doodle, so we can approximate the number of
> participants:
>    Registration Doodle
>    ------------------------------------------
>    http://doodle.com/poll/c7h2dkt3c6fx5hgd
> As usual, there will be an "OHSW Stammtisch" (get together) at the
> Friday evening before the OHSW weekend. If you're planning to attend
> this event, please also register yourself for Friday in the Doodle
> above. The Stammtisch will take place at the usual place:
>    OHSW Stammtisch
>    ------------------------------------------
>    27.11.2015
>    19:00 - 23:00 (open end)
>    Restaurant "Alte Heide"
>    Fröttmaninger Str. 18,
>    80805 München
> Last but not least we are now ready to accept your proposals for talks
> or practical workshops. If you want to present your latest cool project
> or another topic related to free/open hard- or software, please announce
> your proposal to the OHSW mailinglist [1]. In the coming weeks we are
> going to build up this year's agenda from your proposals and will then
> announce it here on the mailinglist and on http://www.ohsw.de
> Please forward this mail to your like minded friends and colleagues,
> especially if they might be interested in giving a talk at OHSW15!
> Best regards,
>  Lukas Märdian
> [1] OHSW Mailinglist:
>    open-hard-software-event at goldelico.com
>    http://lists.goldelico.com/mailman/listinfo/open-hard-software-event
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