[OHSW.org] Participant in Munich

rhn ohswmali.rhn at porcupinefactory.org
Di Nov 18 11:40:32 CET 2014


I decided to participate in this year's OHSW, as a step up from my small involvement in Openmoko community. Since I'm new here, I have some questions/offers.

First off, I noticed that the agenda for OHSW is quite complete, but there hasn't been much talk about that on this list in the last months. Is there some list with more talk on it (that I couldn't find)?

Second - the address for pre-meeting from the direction PDF doesn't match the one on the website - which one is right?

I'm based in München - if someone needs help finding the place and means of transportation, I can at least offer directions - just email me.

As for me, I'm moderately active in the free software scene, having been involved in several small projects.
I've been also working on-and-off on a hardware project: a bicycle computer [0], which is in a perpetual prototype stage. If there's a few people on the maling list interested, I could take it as another gadget. It's not big or polished enough for a real presentation :)


[0] http://rhn.github.io/jazda/

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