[OHSW.org] OHSW 2014 agenda & further details

Lukas Maerdian luk at slyon.de
Fr Nov 7 12:15:00 CET 2014

Hello everybody!

Today I am happy to announce the agenda for this year's OpenPhoenux
Hard- & Software Workshop. It is roughly split into a Hardware and
Software part (Saturday) and a Tinkering and Hands-on/Workshop part

Please have a look at it here:

== Pre Meeting ==
Also, I've setup a Doodle for our pre meeting / Stammtisch, which will
take place on Friday evening, 19:00. If you'd like to join the pre
meeting, please register yourself via the separate Doodle, so we can
book a big enough table for everybody. The location will be:

  Biergarten "Alte Heide"
  Fröttmaninger Straße 18
  80805 München

  Register here: http://doodle.com/49zettwvwse8f4dk

== Entering the Building & Finding the Rooms ==
The OHSW14 will, as in the last years, take place on Saturday and Sunday
at the computer science faculty of the TUM in Garching. Please find the
travel directions/map on the OHSW website.

I have informed the security service about our workshop and asked them
to keep the main entrance of the building open from 9.30am to 11am, so
you should be able to enter the building easily. If the door is still
closed or you're trying to enter the building from the back side (i.e.
from the free parking lot), you need to ring the bell and a security
guard will open the door.

Once you've entered the building, stay on the ground floor and find the
OHSW rooms in building part 8.

== Asking for Help ==
In order to setup the live stream/recordings for the event, I'm looking
for a USB webcam. It would be best if the webcam could provide HD
quality and would come with a tripod. If you can help out with this,
please reply to this mail.

Kind regards,
  Lukas Märdian

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