[OHSW.org] Talk Proposal: A Spying Resistant System

Orest Tarasiuk orest.tarasiuk at tum.de
So Nov 3 23:41:43 CET 2013

Sounds interesting!

On 02/11/13 14:24, Neal H. Walfield wrote:
> Hi,
> Following Nikolaus, I'll write in English.
> I'd be interested in holding the following talk:
> A Spying Resistant System
> -------------------------
> In Kafka's "Trial," the protagonist is charged with a crime.  Exactly
> what the crime is, he is told, doesn't matter: he has certainly done
> something wrong and the government will figure it out soon enough.
> Recent relevants by Snowdow show that this dystopia may be much closer
> than even many privacy advocates suspected.
> In this talk, I will outline the architecture of a secure system that
> can protect users from this type of attack.  There are three essential
> components to such a system: open hardware, a secure operating system,
> and a secure communication system.
> We need open hardware to ensure that we can control the system.  We
> need to be able to know that the modem and mic are really off when we
> power them off and that the modem is unable to interfere with the
> operating system.  We also need open hardware to ensure the long-term
> viability of the project: big manufacturers retire hardware far too
> quickly and provide little support, if any, to OS developers.  GTA04
> appears to be an excellent solution.  Indeed, it may be the only
> option at the moment.
> We need a secure operating system to ensure that programs are only
> able to access data that the user intends that they access and are
> unable to influence other programs unless the user explicitly
> authorizes it.  Unfortunately, Linux dramatically fails to provide
> mechanisms to ensure this.  Instead, we propose the use of a
> capability-based operating system, which allows the fine-grained and
> dynamic delegation of authority without the complexity and
> inflexibility of systems such as SELinux.  For this, we are
> investigating the use of Genode [1], a commerically supported, FLOSS
> operating system derived from the L4 microkernel.
> Finally, we need a secure messaging system.  This must not only
> encrypt a message's content, but it also needs to hide the message's
> meta-data, in particular, the sender and the recipient.  For this,
> Dissent appears appropriate.  For other traffic, we need to route via
> TOR by default.
> [1] http://genode.org/
> [2] http://dedis.cs.yale.edu/dissent/
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