[Letux-kernel] Benchmark: Integer speed comparison of several boards an processors supported by LetuxOS

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Mon Jan 16 15:23:40 CET 2023

Am Sonntag, dem 15.01.2023 um 19:17 +0100 schrieb H. Nikolaus Schaller:

Just an addition to everyone from my side:
What has not been included here is power consumption / heating.

The RG503 uses the RK3568 as CPU and has less cooling than we use in the Pyra
(they didn't even put a cooling pad on the CPU, it's simply sittin on the

However, even running complex emulation with 3D (Dreamcast, for example) for
longer periods of time, it doesn't get too warm.

The Pyra (with a bit of cooling) is uncomfortable warm after playing for 10
minutes, even if it's just simple games that don't really need CPU (2D games
using OGL as graphics output).

Additionally, Pyra's battery is empty after 1 - 2 hours when playing a game that
uses the CPU and 3D, whereas the RG503 runs 3 - 4 hours. The RG503 uses a 
3500mAh battery - so a bit higher than half the capacity of a Pyra battery.

So it seems to be A LOT more efficient and provides 20% more speed.

The Atom Z8530 can be used as a heater :)
GPD tried to use it in the GPD Win 1 without a fan (I have a prototype of that)
but even though they put a huge copper block inside, it ran too hot.
Even after they added a fan, it ran so hot that batteries died and became
swollen after half a year.

So, no, the Z8530 is not usable for such small devices. It's neat for small
notebooks though.

> Hi all,
> now as our cpu-speed tool
> (https://git.goldelico.com/?p=letux-kernel.git;a=blob;f=Letux/root/cpu-speed;h
> =c00ff8979e4b4b01f347a9be6e61544c0f3fe3ab;hb=7f9469e1a9f33e52f8823e2d956ad30a7
> 5f5af14)
> is running quite reliable, I have tested it on several boards and here are the
> results:
> Name    Speed   Threads Arch    Linux                   Clock   Board /
> Processor
> m1      34,28   4       aarch64 4.19.219-letux-arm64    1992000 Odroid M1
> RK3568
> acepc   74,15   4       i686    6.0.0-rc3-letux-i386+   1920000 AcePC T11 Atom
> Z8350
> raspi   10,82   4       armv7l  5.4.207-letux+                  RasPi 3B+ BRCM
> udoo-neo 4,77   1       armv7l  5.4.127-letux+          792000  Udoo Neo i.MX6
> ci20    12,80   2       mips    6.2.0-rc3-letux-ci20+           CI20 JZ4780
> 5evm    28,03   2       armv7l  6.1.0-rc4-letux+        1500000 OMAP5EVM
> OMAP5432
> panda   10,51   2       armv7l  6.1.0-rc2-letux+        920000  PandaBoardES
> OMAP4460
> sama5    2,14   1       armv7l  6.2.0-rc3-
> letux+        500000? SAMA5D2Xplained SAMA5D27
> Well, a single Cortex A5 at 500 MHz is certainly the slowest one.
> What I find interesting is that the quadcore RK3568 at 2 GHz is not much
> faster than the 1.5 GHz dual core OMAP5.
> And has only half the speed of the Atom Z8530 at the same clock rate.
> Well, this is only an integer test calculating prime numbers in multiple
> threads.
> It does not really test cache or main memory speed.
> Nor does it test any GPU.
> Other note: not all devices show a clock frequency because we lack a cpufreq
> driver.
> What I have not yet in my list of tests are OMAP3 based devices at variable
> clock rates.
> And I have not the same kernel version installed on all devices. But that
> should not make a big difference.
> Hope you find this useful.
> Nikolaus
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