[Letux-kernel] LetuxOS: Kernel: m-rc 6.0-rc6 successful

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Mon Sep 19 12:38:38 CEST 2022

KVERSION: v6.0-rc6 - http://www.kernel.org
CONFIGS:  arch/arm/configs/letux_defconfig arch/arm/configs/letux_lpae_defconfig arch/arm64/configs/letux_defconfig arch/mips/configs/letux_defconfig arch/x86/configs/letux_defconfig

Project Home: http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-kernel/
Issues: http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-kernel/issues/
Original: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/tree/?h=v6.0-rc6
Elixir: https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v6.0-rc6/source

git: http://git.goldelico.com/?p=letux-kernel.git;a=shortlog;h=letux-6.0-rc6
ARM: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6
ARM-LPAE: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-lpae
ARM64: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-arm64
X86: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-i386
CI20: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-ci20
Mipsbook: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-l400

Recent CHANGES (http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6/src/CHANGES)
letux-6.0-rc6 Mon Sep 19 08:26:46 CEST 2022:

letux-6.0-rc5 Mon Sep 12 21:23:34 CEST 2022:
* give PandaES a stable MAC address by default (by hns at goldelico.com)
* multiple improvements for AESSon omap5 and omap4 (by hns at goldelico.com)
* apply v2 of " pvrsrv: 1.17: pvr_linux_fence: Repace dma_resv_list by iterator" (by anthoine.bourgeois at gmail.com)
* add two MP3 sample files from Replicant

letux-6.0-rc4 Mon Sep  5 09:36:05 CEST 2022:

letux-6.0-rc3 Mon Aug 29 23:00:23 CEST 2022:
* mmc core: replace devm_gpio_free (by hns at goldelico.com)
* pvrsgx 1.17: compile fixes (by hns at goldelico.com) 
* staging rtl8723 and rtl8189es: fix multiple links/channels (by hns at goldelico.com)
* fix jz4730 bus_to_virt/virt_to_bus (by hns at goldelico.com)
* replace non_legacy_dai_naming (by hns at goldelico.com)
* fix jz4730 pwm .apply() (by hns at goldelico.com)
* compile fixes for v6.0-rc2 (by hns at goldelico.com)
* ARM: Letux: defconfig: configure for SAMA5D2 Xplained board (by hns at goldelico.com)
* ARM: Letux: defconfig: remove Qualcomm MSM DRM since we do not (yet) support (by hns at goldelico.com)
* Letux: rootfs: fix a typo in cpu-speed (by hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.19 Mon Aug  1 10:13:34 CEST 2022:

letux-5.19-rc8 Mon Jul 25 15:04:29 CEST 2022:
* Letux: rootfs: cpu-speed: add our own C code for prime sieve to be independent of sysbench version (by hns at goldelico.com)
* AARM64: Letux: defconfig: more configs for Odroid M1 (by hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.19-rc7 Mon Jul 18 21:49:57 CEST 2022:
* AARM64: Letux: defconfig: configure MMC/SD drivers for µSD for Odroid M1 (by hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.19-rc6 Tue Jul 12 18:55:02 CEST 2022:
* Letux: rootfs: letux-eth0: add stable interface name for ethernet interface of omap5uevm and raspi3b+

letux-5.19-rc5 Mon Jul  4 14:14:39 CEST 2022:
* MIPS: Letux: defconfig: configure for CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB and CONFIG_HID_MULTITOUCH (by hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.19-rc4 Mon Jun 27 15:38:38 CEST 2022:

letux-5.19-rc3 Mon Jun 20 23:16:15 CEST 2022:
* another compile fix for check-local-export (by hns at goldelico.com)
* some fixes for AESS firmware builder library (by hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.19-rc1 Tue Jun  7 21:50:29 CEST 2022:
* FIXME: pvr_linux_fence: there is no direct access to struct dma_resv_list and no resv->seq mechanism any more (by hns at goldelico.com)
* some merge/compile fixes for v5.19-rc1 (by hns at goldelico.com)
* dropped 2b86a3fe31ae8... (drm: omapdrm: gem: fix bad merge conflict resolutions for v5.5-rc1)
* dropped c1d4fbe0e206e drm: omapdrm: gem: factor out _omap_gem_(un)pin
* Letux: rootfs: femtocom.c: allow to set baud rate (by hns at goldelico.com)
* Letux defconfigs: configure for CP210x and others (by hns at goldelico.com)
* Letux: rootfs: udev: charging: update to handle Pyra charger limitations if wwan is active (experimental by hns at goldelico.com)
* drivers: misc: txs02612: disable creation of 2 new host ports (by hns at goldelico.com)
* DTS: ARM: gta04: disable mcspi1..4 because they allocate dma channels (by hns at goldelico.com)
* DT: OMAP5-uevm: define static MAC address for Ethernet (by hns at goldelico.com)
* Letux: rootfs: improve /e/n/i handling for default DNS servers (by hns at goldelico.com)
* add new feature branch letux/odroid-m1 (hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.18 Mon May 23 13:02:37 CEST 2022:

letux-5.18-rc7 Mon May 16 12:31:00 CEST 2022:

letux-5.18-rc6 Mon May  9 08:47:09 CEST 2022:

letux-5.18-rc5 Mon May  2 22:56:31 CEST 2022:
* wl1251: dynamically allocate memory used for DMA - makes Pandora boot again (by hns at goldelico.com)
* Letux: rootfs: tvout: repair at least for GTA04 (by hns at goldelico.com)
* Letux: rootfs: fix wlan-on script and make it disable network-manager/wpa-supplicant (by hns at goldelico.com)
* Letux: rootfs: X11: letux-panel-setup: fix detection of GTA04 panel (by hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.18-rc4 Wed Apr 27 18:40:36 CEST 2022:
* X11: fix letux-panel-setup if there is no omap_drv available (by hns at goldelico.com)
* pvrsgx: Enable interrupts for 1.14 (by David Shah <dave at ds0.me>)

letux-5.18-rc3 Mon Apr 18 17:51:59 CEST 2022:
* improvements for CI20 sound [still not working] (by hns at goldelico.com)

letux-5.18-rc2 Mon Apr 11 12:29:11 CEST 2022:
* CI20: apply fixes and cleanups to DTS files (by hns at goldelico.com)
* CI20: switch to latest HDMI driver code (by hns at goldelico.com)

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Build Warnings
ARM: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6/src/warnings.log
ARM-LPAE: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-lpae/src/warnings.log
ARM64: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-arm64/src/warnings.log
X86: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-i386/src/warnings.log
CI20: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-ci20s/src/warnings.log
Mipsbook: http://download.goldelico.com/letux-kernel/letux-6.0-rc6-l400/src/warnings.log

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