[Letux-kernel] [PATCH v4 02/10] drm/ingenic: Add support for JZ4780 and HDMI output

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Sep 29 16:42:10 CEST 2021

Hi Paul,

> Am 29.09.2021 um 16:30 schrieb Paul Cercueil <paul at crapouillou.net>:
> Hi,
> Le mar., sept. 28 2021 at 14:06:03 +0200, H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> a écrit :
>> Hi Paul,
>>> Am 28.09.2021 um 12:21 schrieb H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>:
>>>>> @@ -1492,10 +1555,16 @@ static int ingenic_drm_init(void)
>>>>> {
>>>>> 	int err;
>>>>> +		err = platform_driver_register(ingenic_dw_hdmi_driver_ptr);
>>>>> +		if (err)
>>>>> +			return err;
>>>>> +	}
>>>> I don't see why you need to register the ingenic-dw-hdmi driver here. Just register it in the ingenic-dw-hdmi driver.
>>> Ok, I never though about this (as the code was not from me). We apparently just followed the IPU code pattern (learning by example).
>>> It indeed looks not necessary and would also avoid the ingenic_dw_hdmi_driver_ptr dependency.
>>> But: what is ingenic_ipu_driver_ptr then good for?
> It's done this way because ingenic-drm-drv.c and ingenic-ipu.c are both compiled within the same module ingenic-drm.

Ah, I see. Hadn't checked this.

> I'm not sure this is still required, maybe ingenic-ipu.c can be its own module now.

What I have seen is that it has its own compatible record. So there could be load-on-demand by DTS.

>>> If we can get rid of this as well, we can drop patch 1/10 ("drm/ingenic: Fix drm_init error path if IPU was registered") completely.
>> A quick test shows that it *is* required. At least if I configure everything as modules.
>> But like you I can't explain why.
> Well, a quick test here shows that it is not required, at least when configuring with everything built-in.

IMHO the hdmi driver (module) should be loaded on demand. Not everyone wants to have it.

Well, that is the problem that needs to be solved...

BR and thanks,

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