[Letux-kernel] Reverse engineering SGX 540 userspace driver

Lucas Fryzek lucas.fryzek at hazeco.xyz
Tue Nov 9 02:39:25 CET 2021


I have a creator ci20 board sitting around that I haven't been using 
very much and I know that the PowerVR GPUs have not had a lot of 
progress on reverse engineering the driver for the GPU.

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but there seems to be a 
somewhat active community around the ci20 board here (and other boards 
that have PowerVR GPUs). Does anyone know of any ongoing efforts to 
reverse engineer the SGX 540 driver? Or does anyone know of any 
documentation generated by previous reverse engineering efforts? I'd 
love to contribute a helping hand in reverse engineering how this GPU 

Lucas Fryzek

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