[Letux-kernel] ingenic-pinctrl (Memory freeze and timing CI20)

Zhou Yanjie zhouyanjie at wanyeetech.com
Sat Feb 27 19:03:30 CET 2021


On 2021/2/27 下午6:41, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Hi,
>> Am 27.02.2021 um 07:03 schrieb Zhou Yanjie <zhouyanjie at wanyeetech.com>:
>>> I tried to figure out what has been adjusted but it is difficult to tell... At least it is not obvious :)
>> The main change is to adjust the order of ID to make it more in line with the order of the birth of the chip, and adjust the order of corresponding conditional judgments to unify the code style.
> Ok, no functional change.
>>>> Could you help test it? I don't have JZ4730 hardware at hand.
>>> Sure. I have reverted the jz470 pinctrl patches from the letux-5.11 tree and added yours and could not identify a functional difference so far.
>>> I can boot. SD card is working, LCD is working, I2C is generally working, keyboard scanning works, LEDs are blinking etc. and
>>> these were the most problematic components which rely on pinctrl.
>>> And I have checked by adding a printk() to probe that my device really runs the new driver...
>> Nice to hear it, thanks for your test.
> You are welcome!
>>> and
>>> https://git.goldelico.com/?p=letux-kernel.git;a=commit;h=15b615f8ac53ea118bc2c728d2d4ef778bc35550
>> This has not been included in the patch.
> Paul Cercueil made me aware that the no-lcds pinmux is not needed. I think he has submitted someting similar for a different JZ47xx.

Yes, he told me that he is trying to provide mainline kernel support for 
JZ4760 and JZ4760B.

And, have you encountered this problem in kernel 5.11:

[0.102102] BUG: Bad rss-counter state mm: (ptrval) type:MM_ANONPAGES val:1

It seems that it only started appearing in kernel 5.11.

>> I have found that the pinctrl code in the next tree has new changes compared to kernel 5.11. I am going to make a new patch after kernel 5.12-rc1 comes out, and I will add it to the new patch.
> Fine. If schedule is as usual, we just have to wait less than 48 hours.
>> Sure, I plan to submit the first version next week.
> Great. I'll add the posted version to our Letux tree and it will be auto-squeezed when it arrives upstream through v5.13-rc1.
> BR and thanks,
> Nikolaus

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