[Letux-kernel] Audio Offset for handsfree speakers

aTc atc at k-n-p.org
Thu Dec 2 01:05:19 CET 2021

Seems to be bus 0 address 0x4b.

cat /sys/kernel/debug/regmap/0-004b/registers

unfortunately setting it, and then reading it back makes no change

i2cget -f -y 0 0x4b 0x2c

i2cset -f -y 0 0x4b 0x2c 0x77

i2cget -f -y 0 0x4b 0x2c

No changes in sound either.

Might be because the device is in use, although I guess the driver 
resets those values anyway when it's loaded. We'll probably have to dig 
through the driver to see where it sets the regmap.

(also, 0x14 seems to be a bit off, if the default is supposed to be 0, 
and you'd expect both L and R to be the same.)

> i2cdetect to find the device and then i2cdump or i2cget to read.
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