[Letux-kernel] LetuxOS: Replicant for GTA04

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Wed Oct 21 09:01:26 CEST 2020

On Tue, 20 Oct 2020 20:31:25 +0200
"H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:

> While we are waiting for v5.10-rc1, I have invested some
> time to resurrect our Replicant 4.2 image for the GTA04.
> I have some progress towards running a more modern kernel :)
> The biggest missing piece was that my build wrapper did not call
> the Letux/scripts/replicant-modules script. So there were no
> modules in the right format to install and the kernel failed
> to load them.
> The next problem was that init.gta04.rc is not maintained
> in the kernel tree but depends on it. So the version I originally
> installed did not even call load_modules.sh.
> I have changed that, so that the kernel and the startup tricks
> and helpers can be kept more easily in sync.
> So far I can now build a new µSD through makesd by
> 	DEV=/dev/sdb makesd -v latest replicant -r https://download.goldelico.com/gta04-replicant/4.2/20170423-kernel-4.10-replicant.tbz
> and then manually install a newly built kernel, device tree
> and repacked modules.
Yes, the old image I have built. It already runs on the GTA04A5.

> As soon as I run the next full build of all letux kernels
> (maybe next Monday when v5.10-rc1 is out) there should be
> new replicant compatible kernel packages so that makesd can
> do a full install. I'll report how to do this this later.
> The status of my tests is:
> Kernel 4.14.202 boots up to the Replicant logo and then stucks.
> Kernel 4.19.152 writes ANDROID to the framebuffer but then reboots - this kernel should already support the GTA04A5 if I remember correctly.
> Kernel 5.4.72 panics somewhere in omapdrm.
> Kernel 5.9.1 drivers/staging/android/logger.c does not compile (problems with struct timespec).
> So there is some progress and potentially fixable issues.
> The most important one is that I do not know how to debug that there
> is no progress after the Replicant logo with 4.14 kernel. There is
> no console message, processes are running but nothing visible happens.
> Touch remains inactive. Console shell works.
> Ideas? Suggestions?
What I am wondering about is whether it is really a good idea to stick
with replicant 4.2. Maybe it is easier to get replicant 6 running. The
most interesting problem there is afaicr graphics consuming too much
cpu power, even the "bootanimation" slowing down everything far away
from usability. 


> BR,
> Nikolaus

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