[Letux-kernel] kmscube running on dm3730 (GTA04) and omap5 (Pyra)

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Feb 29 09:09:02 CET 2020

I managed to get the kmscube work on the DM3730 using
the 1.17 DDK (and kernel).

What it needs:
* Debian Bullseye (sid) because it needs libc >= 2.29 [1]
* our latest kernel (e.g. letux-5.6-rc) with CONFIG_PVRSGX_1_17_4948957=y
* installation of ddk-1.17-um from TI git (automated through [2])
* apt-get install kmscube
* kmscube -D /dev/dri/card1

(for some unknown reasons the default is card0).

So thanks to those who have provided these latest user-space libs.

Unfortunately OMAP5432 fails (with jacinto6evm install)

installing user space files for `jacinto6evm'
mkdir -p //etc
mkdir -p //usr/bin
mkdir -p //usr/include
mkdir -p //usr/lib
cp -ar ./targetfs/jacinto6evm/etc/* //etc
cp -ar ./targetfs/jacinto6evm/bin/* //usr/bin
cp -ar ./targetfs/jacinto6evm/include/* //usr/include
cp -ar ./targetfs/jacinto6evm/lib/* //usr/lib
root at letux:~# pvrsrvctl --start --no-module
[ 3775.545418] drm_version: maj=1 min=17 patch=4948957 name=pvr date=20110701 desc=Imagination Technologies PVR DRM
[ 3775.558901] drm_version: maj=1 min=17 patch=4948957 name=pvr date=20110701 desc=Imagination Technologies PVR DRM
[ 3775.572138] PVR_K: UM DDK-(4948957) and KM DDK-(4948957) match. [ OK ]
PVR:(Error): PVRSRVDetectPlaform: Unknown platform: OMAP5432
. [0, ]
PVR:(Error): PVRSRVDetectPlaform: Unknown platform: OMAP5432
K[ 3775.589200] PVR_K: (FAIL) SGXInit: Mismatch in client-side and KM driver build options.
. [0, ]
PVR:(Error): SGXInitialisePart1: Could [ 3775.600571] PVR_K: Extra options present in KM: (0x8000). Please check sgx_options.h
[ 3775.613209] PVR_K:(Error): PVRSRVFinaliseSystem: Failed PVRSRVDevInitCompatCheck call (device index: 0)

PVR:(Error): PVRSRVInitSrvDisconnect: KM returne[ 3775.627115] PVR_K:(Error): BridgedDispatchKM: Initialisation failed.  Driver unusable.
d 26 [0, ]
PVR:(Error): PVRSRVBridgeCall: Failed to access device.  Function ID:3223086862 (strerror returns no value.). [0, ]
PVR:(Error): SrvInit: PVRSRVInitSrvDisconnect failed (26). See srvkm log for details. [0, ]
pvrsrvctl: SrvInit failed (already initialized?) (err=PVRSRV_ERROR_BUILD_MISMATCH)
root at letux:~#

So it looks as if we have to patch again some binary so
that OMAP5432 isn't rejected.

The "Extra options present in KM" seems easier to fix.
We define it in drivers/gpu/drm/pvrsgx/1.17.4948957/eurasia_km/Makefile


[1] e.g. http://download.goldelico.com/letux-debian-rootfs/20200227-bullseye-11.sid-armhf-minimal.tbz
[2] look for letux-pvrsgx-1.17_0.20200227150751_all.deb at
    Note that git://git.ti.com is quite often unresponsive.

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