[Letux-kernel] module_mipi_dsi_driver panel with omapdrm?

Tomi Valkeinen tomi.valkeinen at ti.com
Fri Aug 7 08:53:46 CEST 2020

Hi David,

On 06/08/2020 21:44, David Shah wrote:
> Following a bit of testing, the DSI issues are fixed by 
> https://github.com/daveshah1/pyra-kernel-devel/commit/3161275854a0f2cd44a55b8eb039bd201f894486
>  (I will prepare a proper patch set shortly). This makes the display
> work with HDMI disabled.

Good catch, looks like a correct fix.

> There also seems to be a race condition between the hdmi0 connector
> and tpd12s015 "encoder". This results in the tpd12s015 permanently
> returning EPROBE_DEFER and the display subsystem never successfully
> probing.
> Reversing the order of the encoder and connector in the device tree
> (omap5-board-common.dtsi) makes the display work again with HDMI
> enabled; as does adding some printks to the display-connector driver.

Ok, interesting... I was trying to boot up my omap5 uevm, but it halts during the boot, last print
being "palmas 0-0048: Irq flag is 0x00000008".

I'll try some other boards which have similar HDMI setup to see if I can reproduce.


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