[Letux-kernel] [drm:simple_bridge_attach [simple_bridge]] *ERROR* Fix bridge driver to make connector optional!

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Apr 17 14:18:11 CEST 2020

Hi Maxime,
I have started to test v5.7-rc1 and can't fully boot the GTA04
device any more.

What I see in the log is:

[   28.567840] [drm:simple_bridge_attach [simple_bridge]] *ERROR* Fix bridge driver to make connector optional!
[   28.567871] omapdrm omapdrm.0: unable to attach bridge /ocp at 68000000/dss at 48050000/encoder at 48050c00
[   28.786529] omapdrm omapdrm.0: omap_modeset_init failed: ret=-22
[   28.841552] omapdrm: probe of omapdrm.0 failed with error -22

This device uses the ti,opa362 chip which did have a dedicated
omapdss driver before (which is removed now) and which seems to
be supported by the simple_bridge now.

The opa362 is sitting in the video out path from

	omapdrm -> venc -> opa362 -> video-out-connector.

What does this error mean? How can it be fixed?

BR and thanks,

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