[Letux-kernel] LetuxOS Kernel v5.0-rc1

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Mar 18 21:04:14 CET 2019

I have now rebased our tree to v5.0-rc1. Was not very difficult. Just 3 or 4 almost obvious
minor merge conflicts.

Unfortunately there is always something broken afterwards...

This time it is the display of the GTA04 :(
Backlight works and can be controlled by "xset dpms" but the panel shows all white pixels.
Pyra and BeagleBoneBlack + LCD both work this time.

Some first observations from initial tests:
* Pyra:		bluetooth uart does not respond (wifi works)
* GTA04A4:	backlight ok, display shows white pixels only
* BBB+LCDC:	display ok, backlight is always on (but does not respond to "xset dpms")

Other than this I have removed our dedicated w2sg00x4 driver in favor of the upstream SiRF driver.
This removes two functions the dedicated driver did have:
a) CONFIG_GNSS_DEBUG for testing if power-on/off really works
b) "rfkill gps" to turn off the LNA but keep the w2sg active

It seems to have bug because I got this:

root at letux:~# cat /dev/gnss0
[  272.211090] gnss gnss0: failed to runtime resume: -22
cat: /dev/gnss0: Invalid argument
root at letux:~# 

Finally, I have something important for the SGX driver with DDK1.9 AND DDK1.14.
I have found a not too old description how to make it work on BBB:


This already allowed me to identify some aspects I should take care of when debugging and trying
to make our 1.14 driver work. The good thing is that this are instructions where we know that
they work on a piece of hardware we have and can take it as a reference. Until it also works
in our setup.

For the GTA04 and Pyra *we* are those who should know best and be able to tell others how
to make it work...

Generally I would like to invite to test and report as many bugs as possible, ideally to the
bug tracker.



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