[Letux-kernel] LetuxOS: Kernel: 5.2 pyra-minimal

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jul 8 15:24:22 CEST 2019

just for your information, there is a branch called "letux/pyra-minimal"
which just has a handful of commits on top of linus/master (now v5.2)
and using omap2plus_defconfig creates a kernel that can boot the Pyra:


It does not support everything, but charger, MIPI DSI panel and touch
are working. Not working is the TILER, so the panel image isn't rotated.
But the touch is :)

What can be enabled by using the letux_defconfig are the LEDs, keyboard,
WiFi and some more features (could be added to omap2plus_defconfig as

Although it would be nice to get this upstream to have a working basis
and reference for other features and components, the device tree is not
in an upstreamable shape (there should be no nodes where the driver is
not also upstreamed). And the charger driver isn't nicely coded either.

In the best shape seems to be the panel driver but it is still a special
OMAPDRM DSI driver. And I understood that there are plans to move
such panel drivers to the generic DRM architecture as well.

If someone wants to help to reshape this patch set, please raise your
finger so that we can discuss tasks and corner stones.

BR and thanks,

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