[Letux-kernel] Merging/Reorganizing different variants of kernel packages/binaries

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jan 14 18:40:34 CET 2019


Currently, I am upgrading all kernel variants and they have
grown to a list of e.g.


These share the same sources but have slightly different
CONFIGs. So we create 5 packages of everything as you
can see here:


All of them contain the same device trees and an uImage and
a zImage. All our boot-loaders (u-Boot) are looking for
this uImage (or zImage for RasPi) from the package that
was installed..

Now the new idea:

Why don't we create

	zImage-raspi (or kernel7.img)

and adjust the boot-loaders to specifically pick
one of them? And modify makesd to install all of them
or the right one on the SD card?

This will clean up the above linked repository since
there will be only one package for each kernel release.

We already have different boot-loaders for each of the

E.g. Pyra 2GB uses a different U-Boot and could load
the "uImage" while a Pyra 4GB could load the "uImage-lpae".

So why am I not doing it immediately? Because it has
some influences on existing devices and packages.

GTA04, OpenPandora, BeagleBoard/Bone, PandaBoard are
not influenced since they use the uImage before and
after such a change. There will only be some unused
files in the boot sector.

Pyra will see a change which is almost harmless:
if you just install a new kernel built using the
new proposed scheme, it will not use LPAE (making only
2GB available).

Only if you install the new u-boot and install an
older kernel package, it will search for uImage.lpae
but miss the older uImage installed from an older
letux-lpae package (unless we built in a fallback rule).

For Udoo neo and Raspi we will see similar issues
of mixing old and new bootloaders with old and new
kernels but this mainly needs testing and AFAIK there
aren't many users around.

Please note: this will not change source code of the
Kernel, just rearrange the resulting binaries on the
download server and debian kernel packages.

So I would like to get some opinions before I start
to rework the build server and u-boot.


PS: areas that will change and where I have to think
about a backward compatibility mode:
* makesd
* u-boot variants
* boot.scr
* modules (need to be split between builds as well
  since they depend on CONFIG and I am not sure if
  they are interchangeable between e.g. LPAE and

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