[Letux-kernel] letux-5.0-rc1

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jan 7 22:05:57 CET 2019

I have spent a lot of time to rebase to letux5.0-rc1.
It went mostly well, except sound and aess.

There has been a significant reorganisation of
sound/soc/omap -> sound/soc/ti files which made
it impossible to apply our patch set.

So I had to filter-branch it to track the file
renames, remove some manually and finally update
all Kconfig, Makefile and some #include.

There were also some other minor issues.

Now it compiles - with warnings.

I have only compile-tested and did a quick boot
test on GTA04.

Note that the tree will be overwritten in the
next days by more fixes and consolidation of them.

Here it is (will be because the git push is still running):




* rebased onto letux-base=v5.0-rc1
* resolved bigger merge/rebase conflicts in letux/aess - FIXME: may have regressions!
* resolved merge conflict in letux/mmc - FIXME: should use gpiod also for resert-gpio
* omap4/5.dtsi has been refactored upstream so that some of our patches may be in conflicts
* configure for CONFIG_ZPOOL
* fix Konfig and letux_defconfig for Pyra panel
* add basic letux_defconfig for BCM2835 (RasPi 3B+ and others)
* add new branch letux/arm_raspi3b_defconfig
* hackfix for omap3isp
* configure driver for vcnl4000

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