[Letux-kernel] Suspend power consumption higher with 4.20.0-letux+ than 4.19.0-rc7-letux+

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Sat Jan 5 10:33:34 CET 2019


On Sat, 05 Jan 2019 09:04:41 +0100
Jake <jake42 at rommelwood.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been using a qtmoko-wheezy image with 4.19.0-rc7-letux+ for some
> time. Power consumption in suspend was quite nice with around 20mA
> reported by qtmoko homescreen with modem registered.
> Now I tried 4.20.0-letux+ because of another issue and consumption has
> risen to 70-80 mA.
> Is that a known bug?
not something I am aware of. First check whether it is something
sporadic e.g. because of gsm reregistering all the time.
That number sounds like a running gps device.

Is it GTA04A4 or A5?

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