[Letux-kernel] musb+phy and suspend current

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Wed Dec 11 07:37:29 CET 2019


I tested with 5.5-rc1 yesterday (mainline with just my config+ external
device tree)

here are first results regarding the current issue:
If the idle current (with uarts idled) is in the 50mA range,
suspend current gets down to the usual.

If the idle current is low (depends on offmode availability)
in the 26-32mA range with loaded musb/gadged stuff, suspend current goes high
in the 50mA range.

You can transistion from the first state to the second by just rmmod g_ether
modprobe g_ether.

If you want sane suspend currents in the second state, you need to rmmod g_ether
and omap2430.

I have no idea yet what decides about the initial state but at least now I
can examine that. Seems that there are two bugs. One causing the high idle
current and one causing the increase of current if going to suspend.
The first one was mostly present in the past, so no issues with suspend

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