[Letux-kernel] power consumption issues on kernel 4.19-rc5

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Sat Sep 29 21:19:30 CEST 2018


the following power consumption issues I could find on that kernel
in combination with my gta04:

causing unnecessarily suspend consumption:
- ov9655 (without camera! patch sent)
- snd-soc-si47xx (10mA more suspend current, so idea yet why)
- main audio (if too many regulators are not off, probably loopback
  stuff or voice path, up to 20mA)

idle current (unused stuff, the whole device is not suspended):
- omap3_isp (even without camera attached, additional 30mA)
  - there is an option "autoidle" which seems not to make any difference
- ehci_omap without modem enabled (I plan to work on that).

uarts are interesting: if no modules are loaded and we set
autosuspend_delay_ms to a positive value, they are shut down and
as a consequence other clocks are also shut down, so we
are at 30mA. Might be an interesting setup for sensor monitoring.
At the moment, omap_hdq does not like that... I have only a dirty patch
for that.

BTW: I send patches which I do not upstream now with [PATCH letux]
in the subject, so things should be clear.
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