[Letux-kernel] omap_hsmmc + gta04 + sdio irq + runtime_suspend + 4 bit = trouble

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Thu Oct 18 19:45:07 CEST 2018


* Andreas Kemnade <andreas at kemnade.info> [181011 20:07]:
> Tony Lindgren <tony at atomide.com> wrote:
> > Sounds like you're unnecessarily remapping dat1 to gpio for wake.
> > With omap3 just configure the dat1 padconf irq as the "wakeup".
> > 
> Is there anything bad with it, so that it does not work (besides
> being not optimal)? I just trust that gpio level interrupt more.

Well using gpio works only anything in the gpio bank1
that is always powered for deeper idle states. The other
gpio banks still need to rely on padconf wake-up events,
which is the dat1 padconf irq.

The gpio here is the sdmmc2_dat1/gpio_133, right?

Leaving out the unnecessary muxing will also prevent
possible glitches, not sure if that could be an issue
here, probably not.

> To my understanding, pinctrl irq is an edge irq. So we detect level
> changes for that pad. To my understanding, that does not work during
> normal operation, but when the module behind that pad is off.

Correct, it gets enabled for runtime suspend only to
prevent extra load with duplicate interrupts on the dat

Note that when the padconf interrupt gets a wake-up event,
the sdio_dat1 interrupt is still there on wake as it's a
level interrupt.

> So what about the gap in omap_hsmmc_runtime_suspend() between
> switching off IRQs and switching off the module finally?
> Are there chances that we loose an irq?

No, we enable the padconf irq first before runtime suspend
for the device.

> > Care to try something like this in the in omap3-gta04.dtsi:
> > 
> > &mmc2 {
> >       interrupts-extended = <&intc 86 &omap3_pmx_core 0x12e>;
> >       interrupt-names = "irq", "wakeup";
> >       vmmc-supply = <&vaux4>;
> >       bus-width = <4>;
> >       ti,non-removable;
> >       cap-power-off-card;
> >       mmc-pwrseq = <&wifi_pwrseq>;
> > };
> > 
> > Untested.. 
> No, tested, 
> see my previous mails in the thread.
> But I retested it in case of some PEBCAK issues.
> plain 4.19.0-rc6 + dt patches

Hmm it should just work(TM). Care to post your patch for that?

And do you see interrupts with grep wake /proc/interrupts?



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