[Letux-kernel] DSI & DPI panels with omapdrm on 4.20-rc

Tomi Valkeinen tomi.valkeinen at ti.com
Fri Nov 16 14:25:57 CET 2018

On 16/11/18 14:46, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:

>> How does omapdrm X11 handle the mouse cursor? By an overlay of the
>> OMAP3 DSS? Then there may be some other bits for the overlay priority
>> depend on driver probe sequence (the td028ttec1 is probed as an SPI
>> client, probably before omapdrm but I don't know).
> If I recall right, omap xdriver has a config option for HW or SW cursor,
> and HW cursor uses a plane with legacy modesetting to show the cursor.
> HW cursor has always been buggy, but apparently something has changed,
> causing the plane not to be transparent.

The transparency on DSS3 is a bit complex thing, and I don't see the
omap xdriver handling it in any way. I think that can cause the cursor
to not appear at all (if the driver tries to use VID1 which doesn't
support ARGB mode) or have it non-transparent.

I recommend using SWCursor.


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