[Letux-kernel] modular kernel pm experiments

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Thu Mar 1 20:17:52 CET 2018


I did some kernel experiments without sd card,
just a more modular kernel with even the omap-hsmmc driver and also
nand as module, so I can freely play around with things.
I had just an initrd with busybox and the modules.

suspend current/ idle current is not significantly lower.
Vmmc1 seems to be properly turned off (I hope I could access the
contacts properly. 
I tried to pinmux (via devmem2) the sdcard pins to gpio, no
significant changes
in idle or suspend currents.

usb3322 related stuff: When ehci-omap is not loaded, the reset line is
low, so the pins should be tristated on phy side, so the level
on the other side should not be important, if not floating.
I had not disabled the usbhs_omap driver yet, so pinmux was reset
(which I set to gpio and kept pulldown config) after suspend. 

Well, there are still these reports with a beagleboard consuming 8mW...
And the gta04 (without or disabled modem) has not given an excuse to me
to consume more ;-)

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