[Letux-kernel] BUG: drivers/pinctrl/core: races in pinctrl_groups and deferred probing

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Mon Jun 18 08:46:51 CEST 2018

* H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> [180616 11:10]:
> There is also good news: the selectors are now assigned in strict sequence.
> This is a big improvement:

OK thanks for testing.

> If slots 17 and 18 do not really exist (or are deleted after failed probing), there is
> a NULL return. Which triggers the strcmp(NULL), because the strcmp is not guarded against
> non-existing slots in the radix tree.
> So a simple workaround could be:
> 		if (gname && !strcmp(gname, pin_group)) {
> But I think the fundamental problem is that the same driver assigns multiple slots if
> probing is deferred.
> Therefore, I tried to find out more why this happens. Here are some more observations by
> studying the code and adding a dump_stack() inside pinctrl_generic_add_group():
> 1.  the records stored in the radix tree are allocated through devm_kzalloc() within
>     pinctrl_generic_add_group().
> 2.  I have not found a mechanism that removes them from the radix tree if they are
>     devm freed which IMHO happens if the probe fails (and all devm objects are
>     rewound).
> 3.  I could not observe calls to pinctrl_generic_remove_group()
> 4.  this means a stale pointer to the group_desc is still stored in the radix tree
>     if driver probing fails
> 5.  scanning through the radix tree for a matching gname in pinctrl_get_group_selector()
>     accesses this stale radix tree entry.
>     It has either been overwritten by something else - or contains a dangling pointer for
>     group->name. This explains the randomness of the problem but that it is also repeatable
>     to some extent. For a pure race of some 100 instructions it happens IMHO too often.
> 6.  the pinctrl_generic_add_group() is called from create_pinctrl() through 
>     pinctrl_dt_to_map() and pcs_dt_node_to_map(), i.e. before the pinctrl_maps_mutex
>     is locked in create_pinctrl(). This means that pinctrl_generic_add_group() is
>     not locked in this case.
> I hope this helps to pinpoint and solve the remaining bugs.

Yes sounds like that's where things still go wrong. I'll take a look
if it makes sense to assign the selector from the pin controller
driver instead or just ignoring the holes.

I'll try to debug the devm issue too.



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