[Letux-kernel] error messages on pyra with usb otg port

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Tue Dec 11 21:58:41 CET 2018


I got these messages while playing around with the pyra otg port:

root at letux:~# rmmod dwc3_omap 
[  130.870422] dwc3 4a030000.dwc3: otg: device->idle
[  130.883397] omap-dwc3 4a020000.omap_dwc3: Dropping the link to regulator.37
root at letux:~# modprobe dwc3_omap
[  135.180613] omap-dwc3 4a020000.omap_dwc3: Linked as a consumer to regulator.37
[  135.190475] dwc3 4a030000.dwc3: Failed to get clk 'ref': -2
[  135.199202] OF: graph: no port node found in /ocp/ocp2scp at 4a080000/usb2phy at 4a084000
[  135.208664] dwc3 4a030000.dwc3: otg: idle->device
[  135.214376] dwc3 4a030000.dwc3: changing max_speed on rev 5533202a
root at letux:~# [  135.238419] using random self ethernet address

Are these errors harmless?
dtb file is
=> echo ${fdtfile}

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