[Letux-kernel] Strange problem with non-LPAE letux-4.20-rc kernels on 4GB Pyra only

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Dec 4 21:55:56 CET 2018

for testing of some new patches I did compile some letux-4.20-rc5
in non-lpae mode and tried to boot on the 4GB Pyra.

Boot process ends with:

[    3.544616] input: user-button as /devices/platform/user-button/input/input0
[    3.555006] input: pyra-game-buttons as /devices/platform/pyra-game-buttons/input/input1
[    3.564689] input: pyra-lid-wakeup as /devices/platform/pyra-lid-wakeup/input/input2
[    3.575503] palmas-rtc 48070000.i2c:palmas at 48:rtc: setting system clock to 2000-01-02 10:57:35 UTC (946810655)
[    3.586006] sr_init: No PMIC hook to init smartreflex
[    3.592186] vmmcsdio_fixed: disabling
[    3.597267] ldo3: disabling
[    3.600850] ldo8: disabling
[    3.604153] modem_vbus_power: disabling
[    3.608201] otg_path: disabling
[    3.611513] ALSA device list:
[    3.614662]   No soundcards found.
[    3.618600] Waiting for root device PARTUUID=17b72d7a-02...

The PARTUUID claimed to be missing seems to be correct (read through a device with USB card reader):

root at letux:~# blkid
/dev/mmcblk0: PTUUID="10a12191" PTTYPE="dos"
/dev/mmcblk0p1: LABEL="rootfs" UUID="46b783c0-53e3-42fe-96c4-8a7eae14739e" TYPE="ext3" PARTUUID="10a12191-01"
/dev/sdb1: LABEL="boot" UUID="D707-1ABC" TYPE="vfat" PARTUUID="17b72d7a-01"
/dev/sdb2: LABEL="rootfs" UUID="bbe7f361-dfbc-4fb2-b8e0-a71f748c48d1" TYPE="ext3" PARTUUID="17b72d7a-02"
root at letux:~# 

I can see this effect only for 4.20-rc kernels (rc1..rc5).
Not for 4.19.x kernels which boot fine from the identical u-boot and rootfs (I have only
swapped uImage, modules and dtbs).

And more strngely the same kernel boots on an older 2GB Pyra.

I have also tried an LPAE build and it reports to have 4GB memory but doesn't boot either.

So this is a really weird effect. It appears as if the MMC does not come up on
this board with a 4.20 kernel but does with 4.19. Strange.

Before someone asks: Ihave reformatted a completely fresh SD card
with letux4.19.4 kernel and that one works. After copying 4.20-rc
it fails to find the rootfs.

Unfortunately this new bug stops me more from debugging the Pyra 
panel drivers and USB3-OTG... Sometimes hardware and kernel software
seem to emit repulsive gravity :)

Ideas, suggestions welcome!


PS: git bisect may be our friend... Or waiting until they have fixed ext4 problems
upstream? But Iam not sure if this is an ext4 problem at all.

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