[Letux-kernel] LetuxOS kernel 4.19-rc1 is available for Pyra, GTA04 and others

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Aug 28 22:43:49 CEST 2018

I have rebased our code to 4.19-rc1 and fixed some minor rebase conflicts.
At least I hope they are minor. We never know before testing.

Well, one thing is now obviously significantly broken: the TILER. Or OMAPDRM. Or both.

The result looks funny: blocks of 32x32 (or 64x64?) pixels are taken from the position
around the X11 mouse pointer or the location of last screen update and are replicated all
over the screen. If the mouse pointer is moved, the full screen updates with new content...

I have not yet compiled with our TILER patches removed to find out if it is an
upstream bug or a bug in our TILER patch set, where I may have broken something
during rebase conflict resolution.

But it appears as if OMAPDRM on the GTA04 is still working. So something did break
the TILER code...

Unfortunatley I have not the time to dig into this issue as well so we need some
specialist and I hope that we find someone who gets this type of TILER based LCD
rotation upstream some day. This would avoid that I break something by wrong merge

So here are binaries:


and sources:


Change log:

* rebased onto letux-base=v4.19-rc1
* fixed rebase conflicts:
  - omap-abe-twl6040
  - gnss subsystem
  - libertas sdio suspend/wakeup
  - integration of upstream pinctrl and pwm-omap-dmtimer patches
  - remove dispc hackfix and revert
  - Makefile and Kconfig integration of staging/pvr
  - omap_gem_pin()/unpin() and omap_gem_vaddr()
* extended bq2429x driver to limit max. battery voltage so that we do not exceed
  the VSYS as defined by regulator-max-microvolt, even if there is 150mV applied
  by the bq2429x if battery is fully charged and charger is connected.
* pyra-mainboard DTS: set VSYS regulator-max-microvolt to 4.25V to protect PLS8
  from OVERVOLTAGE shutdown.
* hacks: remove old "drm/omap: work-around for omap3 display enable" (better solution
  is already upstream)
* Letux:rootfs: bug fixes and improvements for charger, femtocom, wwan-status
* Letux:rootfs: X11: make LC15EVM default to HDMI output
* sound: renamed sound cards to be more generic (i.e. independent of device but named for function)
* sound: updated compatible strings for gtm601/pxs8 and w2cbw003 codecs
* LC15: define and enable McBSP3
* Pyra: configure McBSP3 for Telephony sound cardand MacBSP1, McBSP2 for Bluetooth and FM Tuner
* Letux: rootfs: adjusted dial, tam and fm-demo for new sound card names
* AESS: make driver compile and boot without significant oopes (even if no good firmware is found)
* twl4030_charger: fix charging current out-of-bounds and other fixes


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