[Letux-kernel] Testers needed for upgrading your GTA04 to U-Boot 2016.11 + Letux-4.10.4 + Debian/LXDE 8.7

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Mar 20 12:42:44 CET 2017

in parallel to trying to handle all the other GTA04 tasks, I have fixed
some minor issues in kernel, u-boot and rootfs so that we have first release 
candidate for a new production SD image.

A production SD image is used for flashing (unbricking) a GTA04 device.
The last one [1] was based on kernel 3.12 and Debian Wheezy which wasn't
bad at all, but did not support the OneNAND of the GTA04A5.

The biggest visual change is that there are some LXDE desktop icons for
starting Simple-Gsmgui [2] (developed by our commmunity member akemnade),
Camera Demo (camera driver is not working) and GPS demo (well this is
not even a demo but full FoxtrotGPS). So it should become possible to
operate the most basic functions from NAND only.

If you have a little time and want to test/upgrade, please follow
these instructions and report issues and observations.

Please note that if anything fails you might need the RS232 cable
and the original production image [1].

And as a goodie, there is a tiny video of the GPS demo on the GTA04A5: [3]

BR and have fun,

1. for GTA04A3/4 use maksd [4] to format a "production SD card":

	DEV=/dev/sdd ./makesd gta04

or for GTA04A5 (OneNAND):

	DEV=/dev/sdd ./makesd gta04one

The reason is that they need differently compiled SPL/U-Boot.

The following procedures do not differ between GTA04A* versions.

2. boot the GTA04 with this SD card while pressing the AUX button.
The LCD will turn red while flashing the NAND with MLO/SPL and U-Boot.

If that fails you might need to break into the U-Boot console and do

	nand erase 0x280000 0x80000

This wipes out the old U-Boot environment and U-Boot. And then reflash.

After a while Linux will start, but please reboot once to "wake up"
some parts of the installation.

3. log in (console: root/empty or through USB cable and ssh root at

Connect to Internet through USB and configure host for IP forwarding.
I.e. ping to outside addresses should be working.


	apt-get update
	yes | DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install letux-lxde

4. flash kernel and rootfs to NAND by running on the GTA04

	./flash-nand -f -k -u

This will be the procedure of factory flashing.

Now, your GTA04 should be up-to date and ready for installation of
other stuff. Preferably on a different SD card without u-boot partition.

You can generate it on your host PC through

	DEV=/dev/sdd ./makesd debian-lxde


	DEV=/dev/sdd ./makesd debian-xfce4

You may apt-get install letux-lxde for the lxde image and
apt-get install letux8 for the xfce image.

[1]: http://download.goldelico.com/gta04-main/production/
[2]: https://github.com/akemnade/simple-gsmgui
[3]: https://youtu.be/9OYH73uFjG0
[4]: http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-makesd/

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