[Letux-kernel] suspend while usb connected

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Fri Mar 3 23:16:14 CET 2017


in recent kernels there are still problems when usb is connected and
charging is enabled. The GTA04 immediately wakes up again is such
The reason seems to be an interrupt because the battery gets
"disconnected" somehow.

Removing  the twl4030_charger module and then enable
charging by this commands (needs to be done quickly, so put them into a
root at letux:~# cat chg-cmd.sh 
twl-i2c.sh PM_MASTER w 0x07 0x30
twl-i2c.sh MAIN_CHARGE w 0x21 0x33
twl-i2c.sh MAIN_CHARGE w 0x01 0x2a
twl-i2c.sh MAIN_CHARGE w 0x01 0x26
twl-i2c.sh MAIN_CHARGE w 0x21 0xf3
twl-i2c.sh MAIN_CHARGE w 0x11 0x9c
twl-i2c.sh MAIN_CHARGE w 0x14 0xf0

changes the situation. Suspend does work again but charging seems to be
turned off when going into suspend mode. So there must be something
too much turned off (outside of twl4030-charger). For linear charging
there need not to be that much power supplies enabled...

Additionally removing omap2430, g_ether, twl4030-phy, the situation is
not improved, the charging and suspend behavior is the same as with

After some tries, just before I pushed the send button (with usb stuff
loaded again), I get this lines in
[ 6485.887725] Disabling non-boot CPUs ...
[ 6485.887756] Powerdomain (core_pwrdm) didn't enter target state 1
[ 6485.887756] Could not enter target state in pm_suspend
[ 6485.887756] Suspended for 254.797 seconds

But charging works during suspend. Discharging is also working quite
well during suspend after another try after that with usb
disconnected. I had 100mA.

But 4.10 kernel can go as low as 20mA in suspend and to 59mA when CPU is
still running.

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