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> Hi all,
> have upgraded our Letux kernel tree to 4.12-rc6 which provides some bug fixes.
> The most important one is that the kernel can now boot again on the OpenPandora :)
> It did simply hang after saying "Staring kernel...". The reason was a bug in the
> pinmux setup (of components not upstream).
> A new addition is that I have fixed quite some files for Debian 9 (Stretch)
> in the demo/debug config in Letux/.
> This includes:
> * setting up X11 with nodm (there are subtle changes in configs)
> * starting the Tiler for Pyra (unfortunately some detail is still broken but the components work)

^^^ this means if I disable the nodm service and boot and run systemctl start or /root/tiler-ctl
manually it rotates the text console.

Is most likely a race (that can be solved by Before= statements in the .service files).

Just needs debugging and looking into journalctl.

> * starting the volumed for Pyra
> * starting the blanviewd for Letux 3704
> * installing a service that does a rfkill block wwan on poweroff (so battery is not drained)
> New Letux Stretch rootfs images are also available through makesd as "minimal", "lxde" and "xfce4".
> For Pyra-users: please note that this is *not* PyraOS. It is Letux OS which can be taken as a
> demo/example for other OS flavours and is a test suite for all devices supported by Letux OS.


> Letux Vision: same OS on different devices :)

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