[Letux-kernel] Letux 4.12 kernel available

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jul 3 18:41:01 CEST 2017

Linus was faster than I had expected (what a hybris to try to predict his moves :)
and has already done a new release (I had expected an -rc8).

Therefore I have upgraded our Letux kernel. Here it is:


There have not been big changes since -rc7. Only the experimental camera
driverfor the GTA04 has been swapped with the newly proposed one on LKML.

Despite some fixes camera still does not work :( The good thing for us is
that we now know that there is someone using the same camera module with
a different SoC and the driver works for them.

This reduces the number of potential reasons why it does not work for us.

For us the driver initializes the camera in SXGA mode and I can see with oscilloscope:

- XCLK ca. 24 MHz
- PCLK ca. 12 MHz
- HREF ca. 15.6 kHz negative going impulses
- VSYNC ca. 15 Hz (fps) positive going impulses
- D8 data line shows changing 0/1 patterns which depend on light falling in camera lens

This all looks good.

Therefore, I currently suspect is that the omap3isp setup is not complete.
And consequently, the omap3isp does not find proper sync and video frames.
And makes mplayer time out.

What else is to talk about: almost all the twl4030 charger patches have
now been accepted by upstream maintainers (and the last two are almost).
So we can likely close one topic branch when working on 4.13.

Which brings us a little step closer to 100% upstream kernel.

Another todo is the w2sg00x4 driver (GTA04 GPS) which is working but still needs
some cleanup before submitting to LKML. The good thing after 5 years and 10 attempts
(by Neil Brown and me and others) is that a RFC was basically accepted. So this time,
chances are very good.


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