[Letux-kernel] earlyprintk

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Fri Feb 3 21:01:39 CET 2017


some days ago when I was debugging rtc, I booted a kernel with
init=/bin/bash to have a look at things before modules were loaded and
might mess around with registers, etc.

that did not work as intended. bash moaned that it cannot find a file
named "earlyprintk". Ok, hmm, that thing is not in bootargs. So what...
The solution was to add
init=/bin/bash -c /bin/bash

According to Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt earlyprintk needs a
parameter. So it was ignored by the kernel and fed to the init process.
I do not think the kernel config is a good place to specify such
options. I think bootargs.scr would be a better place for that (also
ignore_loglevel should be better there) because it is usage-dependant.


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