[Letux-kernel] [drm] what are connectors, and do they exist?

Josua Mayer josua.mayer at jm0.eu
Sat Dec 30 16:27:11 CET 2017

Hi everybody,

While trying to make replicant use the drm_hwcomposer, I have now 
encountered an error that I can not figure out, and it seems related to 
the drm subsystem in the kernel:

12-31 17:19:02.255  2924  2924 I SurfaceFlinger: Using composer version 1.4
12-31 17:19:02.255  2924  2924 E hwcomposer-drm: Failed to get connector 
for display 0
12-31 17:19:02.256  2924  2924 E SurfaceFlinger: queryDisplayProperties: 
Invalid display config! -1
12-31 17:19:02.256  2924  2924 W SurfaceFlinger: no suitable EGLConfig 
found, trying a simpler query

This is the chain of calls leading to above error message:
drm_hwcomposer: hwcomposer.cpp: hwc_get_display_attributes: 
drm_hwcomposer: drmresources.cpp: 
DrmResources::GetConnectorForDisplay(0): <find matching entry in 
DrmResources::Init(): drmModeGetResources(</dev/dri/card0>)

The kernel in question is work/lukas/android-4.10
So apparently this call to drm returns no connectors, or at least no 
connector with id 0.
Any ideas why that is?

Please find attached a full system log producing this error.

Josua Mayer

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