[Letux-kernel] [Gta04-owner] OpenPhoenux hacking weekend successful!

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Jun 7 11:41:52 CEST 2016

Hi Thierry,

> Am 07.06.2016 um 11:31 schrieb tgrauss <tgrauss at f-gp.eu>:
> Hi,
> Nice to see that we are going forward :)
> You wrote :
>> * camera driver recognizes the presence of the camera module (and even
>> the new one)
> Does this mean that a new camera module is available? You wrote in the past that it was not possible to have a camera module anymore.


We didn't find one in the last 2 years that is compatible, but now...

We have received a camera module that
a) contains an ov9655 chip
b) appears to have the correct pin assignment at the cable
c) has the same connector
d) is not bigger
e) just has a cable that is ~2mm longer
f) and - that is the good news - really appears to respond on i2c
g) all from a supplier who appears to have more than 1 unit

As soon as we have the driver working we can compare the old and the new camera module.
And then order a handful.


Here was a short tweet:


> Thanks and regards
> Thierry GRAUSS
> On 06/06/2016 15:36, H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we did meet for two days in Munich (thanks to Lukas' company
>> 'emvolution' for the inspiring location!).
>> We were 8 enthusiasts eagerly wanting to fix kernel bugs and taking a
>> look into modernizing
>> qtmoko.
>> Results are not yet as tangible as we all would like to see, but there
>> is now a good foundation
>> for forther work, using the resources we have: e-mail, git, project managament.
>> And not to forget the new personal connections (including some new PGP
>> cross-signatures).
>> Here is what we see as main achievements:
>> * kernel 4.7-rc1 now boots
>> * camera driver recognizes the presence of the camera module (and even
>> the new one)
>> * generic-adc-battery driver can report an estimate of state of charge
>> even if hdq is n/a
>> * improvements for wifi driver
>> * fixed some Replicant bugs with 4.7-rc1 rfkill wwan driver
>> * a vision how to develop and package qtmoko with/into Debian
>> * qt-embedded 4.8.7 compiles as debian packages (there will be user
>> and dev packages)
>> * first demos show on screen (touch needs to be made responding)
>> * new scripts so that Debian boxer tool can create different flavors
>> of root file systems
>> * many discussions about Debian / mainline / Letux kernel harmonization
>> * fun (table soccer)
>> Some presentation slides of introduction and a summary can be found here:
>> 	http://projects.goldelico.com/p/openphoenux/downloads/63/
>> More tangible results are to be expected to be published in the next weeks.
>> I hope that the discussions we have started will continue on one of
>> the three mailing lists
>> where this mail goes to.
>> A big wish by the participants was to repeat such a hacking session
>> (maybe running over
>> a full week but not everybody must be present all the time). And not
>> too far away in the future
>> from now :)
>> So let me also say thank you to the generous donators from the
>> OpenPhoneux community who
>> sponsored this workshop. If you like to sponsor such events in the
>> future, please use:
>> http://shop.goldelico.com/wiki.php?page=GTA04%3ADonation
>> BR and happy hacking,
>> Nikolaus
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