[Letux-kernel] modprobe twl4030_* hangs

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Feb 11 12:18:42 CET 2016

Am 11.02.2016 um 12:13 schrieb H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>:

> Hi,
> I have found a strange thing in my latest 4.5-rc3.
> root at letux:~# modprobe twl4030_madc_battery
> root at letux:~# modprobe twl4030_pwrbutton   
> ^C
> root at letux:~# modprobe twl4030_vibra    
> root at letux:~# modprobe twl4030_charger
> ^C
> root at letux:~# modprobe twl4030_madc   
> root at letux:~# modprobe phy_twl4030_usb
> ^C
> root at letux:~# 
> Some twl4030 related modules can't be modprobed and simply hang.
> Some others work.
> The total effect is that the kernel needs ~200 seconds to boot.
> And I have the same on the OMAP5 (where the twl4030 modules
> are not loaded/needed at all).

Well, there it is the bq2429x driver. And the common part is that both
create charger nodes, registered by power_supply_register().

What is even more strange is that they show up in lsmod. But a
second modprobe -v reports that it tries another insmod:

root at letux:~# lsmod | fgrep bq24
bq2429x_charger        13916  1 
root at letux:~# modprobe -v bq2429x_charger
insmod /lib/modules/4.5.0-rc3-letux+/kernel/drivers/power/bq2429x_charger.ko 
root at letux:~# 

> Maybe I have introduced a bug in my latest (not yet pushed) patches.
> So please can you check if you see the same?
> BR,
> Nikolaus
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